1st cigar picHey There~

I’ve blogged some in the past, but I never felt I got anywhere and I never really enjoyed it. I even got to the point where I deleted all my blogs I had on WordPress; I had three: a main writing blog/portfolio, a review blog, and a photo blog. Only the first one really went anywhere, but there were a couple times where I didn’t update it at all for months at a time.

Now I want to be more disciplined with my posting, even if I’ll get little to no readership or feedback. Primarily, I want to have this blog for myself, along with any other blogs I plan on creating.

I didn’t want a blog that had a variety of things (even if they were all related to writing). From what I gather, having a blog that’s specific with its content and theme tends to be easier to manage; plus, people would be more willing to read it anyway. But again, am I wanting this to gain popularity? No. I want to have this for myself, but I’m also willing to share my life and thoughts with the anonymous internet.

This will be updated semi-weekly sometime during the weekends, CST. I want to post consistently, but not so much that I exhaust myself of content to post. Expect the next post on whatever life events or thoughts I decided to share this Saturday.

Hope you enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. We all need a blog simply for ourselves 🙂 Anyway, welcome back!


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