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This Week and Next Week

I’ve decided I won’t recap this week and next week. This is mainly due to Spring break being last week and Easter break coming up next weekend, however I’ve also been pretty stressed over life things, as you may have guessed from my post yesterday, and have generally just been out of sorts all week.

If I feel the need to, and if I remember, I’ll share any significant events or thoughts that may occur over the next week or so, they just won’t be in the usual format of a weekly recap. Who knows? These “special days” posts may end up being a new, unofficial format of this blog.

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Possibly One of the Most Important Decisions I’ll Have to Make

So…I have been debating for a while whether or not I should talk about what’s been stirring inside my head for the past five months here. I know I’ve said in my first post and on the “About” page that I want to post whatever I want on this blog because I want to, and it would be for, primarily, me only. However, I’m also aware that anyone can read my blog since I both made it public and have allowed search engines to index it. Still, I want this to be another place for me to be open about whatever.

There’s only one other place where I’ve talked about this online, and that’s on my Tumblr (which I won’t link to). On there, I have about five people I know IRL who follow me, two of which I’ve discussed this with IRL; the other three more than likely found out by just following me.

You may have an idea of what I’m about to talk about, you may not have a clue and are thoroughly confused. Either way, if you’re curious, read on. Continue reading

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March 23, 2015 (Spring Break Recap)

I didn’t really do a whole lot over break, but I guess that’s not always a bad thing, right? I tried to be as productive as possible with both college-related stuff and personal things; I managed to accomplish some of this. Anyway, here’s roughly what I did over break, and non of it involved going to some beach down South and partying all week. Continue reading

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The time stamps on these posts sometimes…I don’t understand how they work. Like, I’ll finish writing a post a week after initiating it, but the published date would show the date I started writing it, not when I actually publish it.

Technology makes a lot of sense.

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March 14, 2015

With it being the week before Spring break, I was really itching to get home and away from college for a while; needless to say, I got a bit crazy as the week went on. But when I got home though, I gained back my sanity. More details on pre-Spring break week

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Fur Squared 2015! (a.k.a. Kale Con)

Sorry that I’m late with this; there was just a lot I was trying to sort out this past weekend, and I think I’ll make this the post for the week. It’s going to be a while ’til I get back into the swing of things that is school after this past weekend.

I’ve said before that this was my first furry convention; there was a lot to take in and a lot of new experiences for me, but I had a blast regardless! To Fur Squared!

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