March 14, 2015

With it being the week before Spring break, I was really itching to get home and away from college for a while; needless to say, I got a bit crazy as the week went on. But when I got home though, I gained back my sanity.


Over Winter break, I talked with a couple guys from Bethesda Lutheran Communities’ Communications/Marketing department about what it’s like having a technical writing job full-time and if they had any internships available. At the time, they didn’t, but I got an email today saying that they will have one for this summer; I just need to apply for it.

I was quite caught off-guard by this because for one, I haven’t been thinking much about internships because two, I’m still thinking of swapping my major and minor (change to Bio major and Writing minor) along with other things on my mind in regards to college stuff.

Now I’m not sure if I should at least apply for this internship. It’s full-time, paid, and at the same place my mom works at, so I can just catch a ride with her. I’ve mention this to my mom, who already knew because she was CCed the email, and to a couple of my closest friends. All of them say I should at least apply and see what happens, if anything; however, I know my luck with getting off-campus jobs is terrible, and if I’m thinking of changing career paths anyway, I don’t know if it’ll still be worth it in the long run. I have mentioned this to my adviser, but she hasn’t gotten back to me on this yet.

Maybe I’m just getting too worked up with this and should just go ahead and apply for it. The worst that could happen is that I don’t get the internship at all and I’m out of summer work…again.


Since it was starting to get really nice out the past couple days, I decided to go outside for a while after classes were done for the day. I headed over to a creek at one of the local parks just outside campus. There was still a bit of snow, ice, mud, and slush on the ground, but I didn’t mind too much despite that my socks and shoes got really wet and dirty as I traversed the area.

I managed to take a couple pics of the creek, as well as attempt at a panorama shot:

Later this night, I decided to take a look at a few of my stories that I wrote a little over a year ago. They’re a mix of original stories, mainly featuring anthros, and MLP fan fiction, which is mainly on the slice-of-life side of things.

While just looking at these and seeing what I can do with them, I noticed that I find much more enjoyment when working on these than writing anything else. Even though I was just looking them over, I was still coming up with possible ideas and twists I could try that might make them better. In some ways, I would feel much more productive and satisfied when working on these than any of my other writing projects, whether they be for school, personal poetry, or this blog.

Now if I managed to get my butt in gear and try to finish at least ONE of these, they could become a potential source of income if I were to get them published and if they sold well. But overall, I would rather write these because I want to, and not because I’m trying to make money or get as famous as J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, or Steven King.


Today was when my goofiness started escalating; I’m pretty sure it was the warmer weather and anticipation to go home for break.

After packing most of what I wanted to take home; I decided to chat with a furry I met on tumblr via skype. Basically, I found his blog, started following it for quite some time, then decided to make an attempt at interaction. Now I try to talk with him off/on just to keep that contact alive (I’m not the best at making friends on my own, even online).

I was pretty much just killing time since there was no Quest this week due to the incoming Spring break; it was really awkward not having much of anything to do, I already got any homework done that was due Friday. (I guess also, with the fact I was in my room at the time, I didn’t have much motivation to do much else; this…seems to always happen, mainly while at college.)

Anyway, this guy, or should I say moose, seems pretty cool and I think he might be around the same age as me. From what I’ve found, he has a little less time at college, or university because he’s from Canada (moose, go figure), than I do; I have about 2 years left, he only has 1 year left. So far, college/university is all we’ve really talked about so far (and of course furries); I really want to try and get to know him better, he seems to be the only talkative fur I’ve met online.

Oh and here’s what he looks like in case you’re wondering (and because I want to):

Mooooooose W-^.^-W And yes, he has a green mohawk. Source (includes link to artist)

Mooooooose W-^.^-W And yes, he has a green mohawk. Source (includes link to artist)



I finally get to go home for break after about 2 months of non-stop college stuff. This is when my insanity reached its peak…at least until I started heading home.

Usually, I would have my mom pick me up for breaks and she’d take me home; but since two of my friends were heading in roughly the same direction as me, and for other reasons regarding my mom, I tried to catch a ride with one of them. The chosen one was my furry friend, a.k.a. the one with whom I went to the convention with and who unintentionally got me into the furry thing.

When I told my mom of the ride plans, she invited him to join us for dinner somewhere when we got to my place. He accepted. So we decided to go to Cracker Barrel (because there’s pretty much nothing in Platteville). It was a relief to not have campus food for a change, and I probably had one of the best breakfasts at CB too! Yes, I had breakfast for dinner: three buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup, three strips of smoked bacon, and a cup of coffee. It was quite possibly one of the best meals I’ve had.

After dinner, and after getting my stuff unpacked, I pretty much just chilled for the rest of the evening. Surprisingly, I went to bed at a decent hour even though I didn’t have anything going on the next day. The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same.

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