March 23, 2015 (Spring Break Recap)

I didn’t really do a whole lot over break, but I guess that’s not always a bad thing, right? I tried to be as productive as possible with both college-related stuff and personal things; I managed to accomplish some of this. Anyway, here’s roughly what I did over break, and non of it involved going to some beach down South and partying all week.


This was mainly a chill-out, “me” time kind of day, since it was the first day I had the apartment to myself while my mom was at work. I was planning on being somewhat productive, but I didn’t want to do anything school-related just yet.

Then the mail came.

My copy of Book 4 (Season 4) of the animated show The Legend of Korra on DVD arrived. When I first laid eyes on the cover I instantly thought, “Well…there goes the rest of my day.” And, lo and behold, that was pretty much the rest of my day. It was pretty good on my first watch, but I’ll have to see it all again sometime to get a better idea; the ending was interesting though, not sure what to think of it.


This furry thing...I swear it's affecting my subconscious in decision-making.

This furry thing…I swear it’s affecting my subconscious in decision-making.

Today, I went down to Rockford to spend the night at my friend’s house, whom I haven’t seen since Winter break. We’re really good friends and we’ve known each other since a couple years before high school.

I wanted to make my visit worth my while, because I’m pretty sure I won’t get a chance to see him until this Summer. So, I proposed that we should film some stupid video just for shits and giggles, if he wanted to. And so we did.

He has this channel on YouTube called “ChrispyProduct” and so far he’s posted a couple character shows and vlogs. We ended up filming the second episode of one of these shows called “Billy’s Idols,” featuring me as Biscotti Mallady. We weren’t really being super serious when making this, so don’t take the episode too seriously while watching me try to act.

After filming this, we do what all good chums should do at the end of the day: suck down some seegars and booze. I personally had a Wisconsin-exclusive brew that I got prior to coming down, while he had this cheap red wine he got. I tried it out of curiosity and…it was kind gross. Thankfully my beer was good; this time I had a New Glarus Moon Man.



After getting back home from Rockford, I went ahead and applied for the internship at Bethesda.

I was glad I brought my Technical Writing notes and projects with me, they definitely made the cover letter writing process easier. I also edited my résumé I had to write up as an assignment for this class; basically I had to write up a mock résumé and cover letter to apply for a job post-graduation (our assumption was that we were a graduating senior). After editing this to what I really did, it looked…quite thin, a little less than the bottom half of the page was blank with references on the second page. Needless to say, I had to really sell myself in my cover letter and in the, possible, interview.

In my cover letter, I wanted to at least try and include the two guys I talked with over Winter break back in January, as well as any and all info relevant to the job description and what qualifications they were looking for. This was all barely over a page, the only thing that spilled over on the second page was the “Attachment” line; so I had to try and whittle it down as best as I could.

After submitting this to Bethesda’s Communications and Marketing department, I decided to follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts. If I’m going to be working with social media as well during this possible internship, I might as well get familiar with what I’ll be working with as best I can beforehand.


Since I knew I would have the apartment to myself today, I figured I might as well try to be productive. Believe it or not, I actually worked on some homework over break, even if I did get one thing done.

After working on homework for a while, I decided to crack open my Bible, since I haven’t done that for some time. I continued with my reading of Genesis, this time reading chapters 16-19. I may or may not make a separate post further discussing this, but the key events were:

  • God’s covenant with Abraham that he will have many descendants
  • The covenant of circumcision that Abraham and his descendants must keep
  • Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed and Abraham’s plea to spare them if there were at least a few holy people living there

This was…quite a difficult passage for me to take in because of what’s been going on in my brain for the past few months or so. Like I said, I may or may not go into more detail on this later on.

Because this, honestly, frustrated me so, I went for a walk and a smoke in the mid-afternoon. Then something happened which I’ll tell you in the form of a Japanese poetic form known as a haibun – a poetry form that contains a journal-like prose section, then ends with a haiku that elaborates further on the topic of the prose section. This one’s called “A Peculiar Object:”

On my return trip out of the wooded area near my apartment complex, I noticed something peculiar hanging in a tree that I didn’t notice upon my arrival. This object matched that of the trees and vegetation: brittle, lifeless, decay; yet my inner child drew me to it.

This decaying object was recognizable, yet I couldn’t precisely identify it. The neck, what was left of it, longer than a human’s; the head had a snout and only molars for teeth; the eye sockets seemed larger than a human’s. I then asked my biology friends if they could identify it after documenting this find.
I collect samples
out of curiosity
on chilling nights.

And here are some pictures of this “decaying object:”



I spent a pretty uneventful day at my grandma’s, but it was nice none the less. I’ll admit, it did remind me of how enjoyable she is to be around; let’s just say, she’s not quite like the typical grandma stereotype, even if she is 82.

When I finally got home afterwards (I didn’t get back until around 9:00pm), I immediately went back outside to get the skull. Personally, I wanted to grab it myself, but I partially blame my grandma for influence me to do so.

This was an interesting experience, going out into the woods at night, when it’s completely dark out, to get a decaying skull. Immediately, as soon as I grabbed it, I planned on bringing it back to school with me to show my Diversity of Life professor (he also teaches Mammology, so it would be very fitting). When I asked the few biology friends I have, most of them think it’s a doe skull. I can see why for the reasons I listed above.

I don’t know about you, but I see this as the highlight of my Spring break, it makes me consider even further to switch to a Biology major; I don’t think I was ever this excited finding a dead thing on the ground in my life.

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