May 7, 2015

I went to see the counselor again this morning, this time about why I initially wanted to see one: anxiety and insecurities regarding me being unable to find someone. In general, it basically boils down to boosting my self-confidence about who I am. Right now, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at and where I’m going academic and career wise, but I’ve never been truly happy with myself and who I am. I tend to let the negative aspects and self-perceptions of myself take over and, of course, prevent me from seeing the good in myself.

This is partially why I plan to go to a couple fur bowl meetups this summer, and one of the reasons why I went to Fur Squared; hopefully they can help me be less anxious in social situations and not worry about giving a “performance” when I’m surrounded by strangers in a different environment. I mean, what better place to put myself in that has two things I love: furries and bowing? Not to mention that it’ll be awkward as hell being surrounded by weirdos in fursuits.

Supposedly there will be a bowling meetup the weekend after Finals Week, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty more in the future.

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