May 9, 2015

Well, the first day for quite some time where I won’t know what to do with myself now that the semester’s pretty much done with; all I have left are a couple finals. It was a pretty lazy day today, but not that lazy.

I hung out with Ben for a bit today early afternoon and had brunch, though there was something I wanted to ask him that got me worried for, honestly, no reason in particular. I asked him if I creeped him out, for a few reasons:

  • Some of my actions I tend to do around him
  • The random crap I say
  • The fact that I still have a pretty hard crush on him

I know it was kind of a dumb thing to ask, I was just worried that I’ll ruin another friendship because I have a crush on them. But, he told me I didn’t, just that I annoy him the same way his brothers do to him. In fact…I think he even considers me a brother, and at least he knows what it’s like to have brothers. Also, I’m apparently the only one who wants to hang out with him the most, even though he knows a ton of people. With all this in mind, I think our friendship’s gonna get interesting.

After spending some time with Ben, I pretty much just bummed around outside for the rest of the afternoon. Honestly, at this point, I don’t have anything else better to do, and I didn’t want to be sitting in my room all day (it was really nice out).

Later this evening, I hung out with Joe for a bit. I figured Ben was going to be busy anyway, and I figured all my other friends were busy all day as well, especially with graduation happening today. I decided to work on this post and a bit of my other writing.

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