Sometimes, I Don’t Know What’s Going on in His Head

So I’ve been thinking about my crush (when do I not think about him) again and I noticed that he’s not creeped out or anything about the fact I have a crush on him; I tend to make it pretty obvious and wear my heart on my sleeve, regardless if I’m around him or if we’re around others that know both of us. I mean, I told a friend of ours that I had a crush on Ben, and he noticed something between us, probably how I acted around Ben, and…thought we’d make a great couple…

Anyway, I don’t know if the fact that Ben isn’t creeped out by me having feelings for him means anything or not. It could just mean that he’s not someone who lets things bother him easily and probably doesn’t see this as a big deal. On the other hand, he might be OK with this because…maybe he has feelings for me too. I don’t know, and I don’t really want to ask (even though I really want to) because I don’t want to pry too much and I don’t want to ruin yet another friendship because I have a crush on said friend. Still, maybe this is something I should ask him, I mean, he considers me a brother, so that’s something.

He’s a pretty amazing guy, though.

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