May 18, 2015

Already I’m in the third day of my summer break until the Fall semester, and it’s quite nice not to have to worry about classes and whatnot for a few months. I want to strive to work on my writing and read more this summer, since I’ll have the time, and hopefully not be a useless potato all summer and do next to nothing with myself.

I’ve decided to create a summer reading list of some books I want to read or re-read; as a writer, I should read a variety of books that are both similar and dissimilar to what themes, genres, etc. I find I tend to write about. Also, I want to start reading more in general, and not just a bunch of self-help or non fiction books; I’ve read too much of those already. Here’s my reading list so far (this includes “currently reading” books too):

  • Hum by Jamaal May (currently reading)
  • By Sword and Star by Renee Carter Hall (currently reading)
  • Eldest by Christopher Paolini (book #2 of The Inheritence Cycle) (re-read)
  • Dragon Champion by E. E. Knight (book #1 of The Age of Fire)
  • Zoo by James Patterson
  • Star Wars: Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber
  • The Painted Cat by Austen Crowder
  • A Larger Country by Tómas Q. Morín (re-read)
  • Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber (re-read)

Depending on how far I get through this list, I’ll most likely add more as I go along. Also, I decided to get on Goodreads to help me keep track of my progress, and maybe even get some book recommendations along the way.

Yesterday and today, I got to spend some time with my friend, Chris, down in Rockford, since I haven’t seen him since Spring Break. It was just really nice to see him again, even though we pretty much did what we usually do when I go down there: play NES and SNES, smoke cigars, have some booze, talk about whatever, and burn shit. When I get going with wanting to apply to places and get my license, he’s planning on coming up and helping me out with that, since my mom pretty much works all week full-time.

Speaking of job searching, there’s an opening for a summer help position at a local propane company. It’s basically just maintenance, but the place is not that far from my mom’s apartment, so getting there is doable. All they’re asking for is just a résumé, but I’ll definitely add a cover letter as well, just in case. A résumé can only say so much about you on its own.

I’ll definitely be working on those and more tomorrow (and I have to get my printer set up); for now, I’m just gonna take it easy the rest of the day…unless I randomly decide I want to write or read something.

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