June 7, 2015

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog lately; I’ve had quite a lot on my mind, though a lot has happened this past week. I would’ve liked to have kept a daily track of everything, but this will have to do.

On Monday, I decided to call the guy at the local propane place to follow-up on my interview last Tuesday. In short, he was willing to give me a chance and offered me the job! He even asked if wanted to start the next day! However, after he stated the hours I would be working, 7:30-4:00 Mon-Fri, I explained to him that it would be hard for me to get to the initial location that he stated because I don’t have a car and I would have to work out rides to and from work. He then asked if I would like to work at the location that’s just outside of town, where the interview was held. Of course, I said yes. It’s much easier for me to get to on my own.

So starting next week, I will finally have a summer job! From what was stated in the ad, the pay is $9/hr; between that and the fact I’ll be working full-time, I’m going to be making some dough.

I’m so happy and thankful that I now have a job over the summer, and it’ll be something I could easily start up again when I’m home from college.

On Thursday, I helped move some more stuff out of my aunt’s condo, and, thankfully, it was the last of it. The whole situation surrounding that put a lot of stress on everyone involved, especially her sister as they were very close all their lives. Honestly, in general, moving stuff out of a house sucks; I’ve done it too many times in my life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ll do it a lot more in the future.

On Saturday, after doing some shopping with my mom to prepare me for my new job next week, I spent the night at my friend, Chris’, place. We burned up a lot of my old class notes, workbooks, lab books, handouts, and any other things I don’t need anymore. It was quite satisfying to say the least. I felt like I was marking the end of one part of my college career to begin a new one, now with a Biology major.

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