Sept. 3, 2015


I’m back at college now; already a few interesting things have happened, and generally, things have been quite eventful too. Obviously move-in day for me was quite a day on Sunday, and as per Platteville tradition, it has to be very hot and very humid that weekend. My friend/new roommate, Ben, already moved in a few days prior, because he had to do some training for Dining Services that was an all-day thing; so luckily, he was around to help get my stuff in while I took care of any necessary paperwork before checking in. Of course, me, my mom, and Ben all went out to lunch afterwards because, let’s face it, moving in is a lot of work, especially in the heat.

Later that day, me and Ben then went to meet another friend of ours downtown sometime after he got done with work. You know what his name is? Ben! (To avoid confusion for myself and you readers, I’ll refer to this Ben as ‘Ben L.’) This is when the interesting stuff happened.

On our way downtown, an elderly lady waved down Ben from across the street to help her with something. We crossed the street and he asked her what she wanted. All she needed was help opening up a bottle of wine, that’s all. So we go in, he got her wine bottle opened for her, and then she proceeded to give him a $20 bill! I’m not making this up; he made $20 just for helping an elderly lady open a bottle of wine. The reason? She recently sold three buildings she owned downtown, and put $1 million in her bank account. That calls for a celebration, right? Anyway, they talked for a little bit, then we left and went on our way.

wpid-wp-1441308264939.jpegThen we got stopped by Mormons.

Now, when it comes to Mormons, Hare Krishnas, or anyone else who goes around door-to-door or approaches random people trying to convert them to their religion, I tend to get tensed up inside and try to make them go away quickly, in a polite way; this time was no different, at first. However, Ben actually talked with them a little, and I eventually became less tense and talked with them a little, even about my beliefs and attitude towards other religions or philosophies. I’ll be honest, I kind of forgot the summary of what they believe; from what I remember, they basically follow the teachings and beliefs of Joseph Smith and that The Book of Mormon is an extension of the Bible. Before we left, naturally the Mormons offered us free copies of The Book of Mormon, and both of us took one, though I was a bit hesitant. After dealing with them, we continued on our way downtown.

Because I’m curious tiger, I thumbed through The Book of Mormon since I’ve never read nor held one in my life (grew up in quite a Christian, conservative home). I’ll be honest, I felt weird doing this, even though I have no intention of becoming Mormon. Now, I strive to be open-minded to other beliefs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll change mine; I simply don’t want to come off as another close-minded asshole who refuses to listen to someone presenting a different belief that may conflict with mine. Christianity works for me, other belief systems may work for others, and for some, having little to no beliefs may work for them (Atheists, Agnostics, Nihilists). The way I see it, for those of us who do legitimately believe in a higher power, we’re just all trying to find and connect with that spiritual being; for those that don’t believe in such things, well…I’ll leave that for a separate discussion.

Ok…so after that, the rest of the day was spent hanging out with Ben L. We pretty much just walked along some trails, all three of us taking pictures of whatever we find interesting along the way. Below is a gallery of some of the ones I took that I like. After venturing out in the woods a bit, we then went to Culver’s for dinner afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After Ben had to work most of the day and I had to get stuff organized on Monday, me and Ben ended up hanging out with quite a few friends down by the creek by Memorial Park. Most of them we haven’t seen all summer, so it was nice to hang out with them again for a while. I didn’t take pictures of this because I didn’t want to get my camera wet, and I have no easy way of carrying it either. Still, it was fun to go in the creek for a bit, even though it was still hot and humid out. We then all had dinner at Roundtree, one of the new dorms on campus that has a food service area underneath. It’s such a pain in the ass trying to find, well, anything in that place when it’s busy.

Tuesday was a pretty chill day, which is nice, though I did go to Ben L.’s place for a bit that evening. It’s not a big place, just a small apartment-like space in a house he and his fiancée are renting. We mainly just hung out, had pizza, played video games, and that’s it; nothing super special, just hanging out. It was nice.

Classes started yesterday, though things aren’t getting too hectic yet. I’ve already had three classes, and my fourth is later today (I’m writing this at about 9:40 am, CST; this class is at 12:30 pm). Aside from General Chemistry I, I think I should do ok in my other classes; Chemistry hasn’t exactly been my strongest subject in my years of education, but I know it’s necessary and applicable for my major. My first lab for Unity of Life starts next Thursday, but I won’t have a Chem lab until the week after.

I know that was a lot, but with a combination of getting ready for the semester, hanging out with friends, and just plain forgetting to update this, I wanted to share a bit with how college is going so far, now that I’m back.

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