Sept. 20, 2015

2629dbc3-6b68-4675-9e5c-95bb08b002c9_dLast night I went to an Intervarsity event called “Worship at the M” where we…well, worship God at the M. If you don’t know what the M is, it’s basically a large hill in Platteville that has a large, white ‘M’ on it’s side made out of large, painted rocks. And yes, this is at attraction for outsiders visiting the Midwest, because there are a lot of unnecessarily large things in the Midwest.

Anyway, even though it was chilly up there, there’s always a great view of the sunset. I even took a few pictures with my phone, though I wish I had brought my camera; I tend to get a better quality with that. Still, it’s nice to go out in a more natural environment, be surrounded by God’s creation, and just worship Him. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone who wasn’t part of this thought we were being hippies or something; you have a large group of people sitting on a hill singing, while two people in front of the group lead the service with an acoustic guitar and a hand drum. (The guitar guy did look a bit like a hipster too for added affect, haha).

Aside from my silliness, this was something I needed. Friday wasn’t exactly a good day for me. Before going to class, I turned in my application to Dining Services, albeit reluctantly. After my three classes that morning, I wanted to talk with my Chemistry professor to let him know where I’m at with the subject as a whole. Then I had to go to the Financial Aid office to “yell” at them again, but the result ended up being the same: The director “hasn’t had a chance to look at it yet,” “it” meaning a form I turned in the week before before moving back to Platteville.

After dealing with that BS, it was almost time for me to go to work. That, thankfully, was fine, aside from the frustrating Chemistry homework I worked on while there.

Brony club didn’t go all that well though. Ben L.’s car decided it wouldn’t take oil or something as soon as he was about to head back to his place (of course it would happen then), then my friend, Tiffany, was going on about her roommate, who she’s legitimately scared of, and planned to spend the night at a friend’s in Dubuque, IA, but that never ended up happening. Periodically after she left and the next day, I decided to check up on her because it seemed like everyone else at Brony Club brushed the situation off. Part of me wished I had gone with her when she left to get her stuff to go to Dubuque (she was afraid her roommate would be there and something bad would happen), but at the very least, I wanted to check up on her.

So yeah, Friday was rough. I’m glad I managed to go to Worship at the M last night. I’m also going to church this morning (in about an hour as of writing this), so I’m sure that will help somewhat, plus I want to find some sort of church home; I personally don’t feel like I have one at the moment. There’s been quite a lot of spiritual conflict within me lately. Depending on how my thoughts on them turn out, I might share them here sometime.

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