Sept. 27, 2015

Coming to you from a college kid trying to get over a bit of a hangover, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I was over at my friends, Mitch and Kathy’s last night with Ben, and we decided to watch some random anime and the newest episode of MLP (the third Rarity episode in a row). I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t invited over there again. Through a series of chaotic events, I accidentally broke Mitch’s glasses, then Ben accidentally spilled my drink on the coffee table while trying to put a blanket back on their couch, for whatever reason. Luckily nothing got damaged from the spill, especially since Kathy’s iPad was sitting on the same table. Surprisingly the blanket didn’t get wet. Needless to say, I felt bad for breaking Mitch’s glasses, but I think he’ll be ok; he luckily had a spare pair, even though they weren’t the best.

So after me and Ben unintentionally caused chaos at their apartment, Ben asked me if I wanted to go play beer pong at a bar with our friend, Stacy. I was fairly reluctant at first, but curious at the same time; next thing I know, I started following them towards 2nd St. and into what I could describe as the most redneck bar I’ve ever been to. If you’ve been reading my blog or know me personally, I would be out of place there; believe me, I felt like I was too. Still, despite the odd setting and, of course, any weird drunks around us, I had a good time.

To go along with my first time going to a bar, it was my first time I’ve been drunk (but not too much). It was an…interesting experience, but I’m not at all surprised at how I felt and appeared to others. Like with how I am normally, I’m pretty much either the quiet drunk who’s just sitting there all happy and shit, or the drunk who acts adorable and wants to hug everyone he knows. It definitely lowered any social anxieties I had beforehand.

For those who are curious, here’s the drink list:

  • 1 White Russian (always wanted to try this one; tasted like one of those Starbucks Frappachinos, but with alcohol in it)
  • 1 Long Island (tasted a lot like pop with alcohol in it)
  • 3 shots of an Apple Pie drink (no idea what it was called exactly, but it was pretty damn good)

When Ben and I got back to our room, I made sure I drank some water off/on, urinate a lot (not in my pants or by the side of a building or someplace inappropriate like that), and ate something before bed. My stomach did feel a bit woozy for a while, but not too much that I felt like I was going to throw up; so that’s good. Currently, I don’t have a hangover, but I did have a headache when I first woke up and had a hard time sleeping half the night.

Other than that, my week’s just been long and hectic. I applied for Dining Services Wednesday and started on Friday. Between that and working at the library, not counting weekends, I’m working 21 hours a week. Put that on top of class and lab time, club meetings, and study time, I’m probably “working” more than 40 hours a week by this point. All because I owe the school money I don’t have, and will take me too long to get before the end of the semester. However, I did apply for some more loans, which will decrease what I owe about $3,000 to an amount that’s doable. So I don’t feel too stressed out about that for the time being.

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