It’s that time of the year!

Hope everyone’s been having a good holiday season so far! I know this time of year can be joyful for most, but there are some who don’t always feel that way around this time of year. Whether they simply don’t like the commercialized clusterfuck of the season, they simply don’t celebrate the holidays, or they associate this time of year with a bad memory. To those of you, I hope you are having a good week.

For me, I’m not doing much for Christmas. Today I went to a Christmas Eve church service with my mom, and then we had dinner at Ihop. Service was nice, and it was a candle light service at that. A lot of people attended, but I’m sure most of them were C&E (Christmas and Easter) people; you know, those who only attend church for Christmas and Easter. Personally, I don’t understand that, but to each their own I guess.

Tomorrow, we’re going to try and do something with my grandma. If the weather cooperates, she’ll be coming to church with us Christmas morning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we went out somewhere for brunch. Even if we don’t end up doing that, we still might end up doing something with her. Hopefully, I can convince my mom to go see the new Star Wars movie, and I’m planning on paying for it all. She’s not as huge of fan of Star Wars as I am, but I know she’ll like it. (It’s good, seriously; you should go see it if you haven’t yet.)

On Monday, I’ll be going down to Genoa, IL to see family on my dad’s side for Christmas. Yeah it’s technically after Christmas, but we tend to meet then anyway; just makes things easier for everyone. It’ll be really interesting to see everyone, given how much I’ve changed this past year. It’ll be more interesting to see my trans cousin for the first time now that she’s done with hormones, and that she’s open about herself now. A lot of the family has mixed reactions, so she’s probably nervous about seeing everyone. I would be too; in a way, I actually am a little nervous about Monday. Not only have I changed a lot this past year, but I now consider myself bisexual, at least. I haven’t come out yet, and I probably won’t for a long time. But given that most of my family is very conservative…oh boy. Really don’t want to hear the slew of bias political and religious views; thankfully I can escape with my few cousins who are around the same age as me, or younger.

So that’s all what my Christmas will consist of. I’m hoping to hang out with my friend, Chris, down in Rockford soon; I haven’t seen that kid in a long time. I’m also starting to write again now that college is done and over with. Right now, I’m doing this 100 Theme Writing Challenge to exercise my brain a little. I’m not going to be picky with what kind of writing I do though. It’ll probably be a mix of fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, essays, letters, editorials, whatever the prompt, well, prompts me to write. Hopefully I can keep this up as long as I can.

That about does it. Again, hope you all are having a good Christmas season, or are just having a good week if that’s not your thing.

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