Dec. 31, 2015

It’s been a pretty interesting year for me. Lots of changes and accomplishments came about over the year, and I don’t remember having a moment where I felt like absolute shit. Needless to say, it’s been a good year for me!

Last semester, I changed my major to Biology. Although I’ve only just got my feet wet in the major, I honestly believe this will lead to something that will make me happy. I’ve enjoyed the few Biology courses I’ve taken so far, and I’m excited about those I’m taking next semester. Granted, there are courses that I haven’t/won’t be looking forward to *cough* Chem I *cough* Chem II *cough*; other than that, I’m excited.

For the first time this year, I managed to get a pretty good summer job. Yeah it was more-or-less a factory job, filling propane tanks all day every day of the week, but it paid pretty damn good: $9/hr. for 40 hrs./week. So hey, not a bad gig. I also managed to take the first step into being independent and got my license over the summer, which I’m a bit proud of but also a little embarrassed given my age. Regardless, it’s done; now I need to somehow buy my own car.

I also met my friend Ben (not my roommate) earlier this year, though it took me a while to start getting to know him myself. Partially because he doesn’t live in Platteville, though he works there, partially my lack of being social. I’ve also been trying to connect with the friends I already have, both IRL and online. It’s slow going, but I’ll get there (I haven’t realized I’ve gotten to know quite a lot of people).

So those are the major highlights of 2015 for me, that I can remember. Still slowly growing on the writing front, nothing too major has happened yet. Still single and wondering if I should just give up looking for someone. I’ve been told the right person will come along when I’m not looking and, well, I’ve been on/off looking…

On a side note, new header image below:

New header image because I think it's awesome! Click picture for source.

New header image because I think it’s awesome!
Click picture for source.

Hopefully next year things will start really happening.

Happy New Year’s guys!

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