I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions…

…but I think I’ve just made one. See, to me, I normally don’t understand the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, yes it’s good to set some kind of goal to better yourself; however, 1) you need to STICK to it in order to reach that goal and 2) you don’t need a certain time of the year to dictate WHEN you should begin to better yourself (New Year’s, Lent, the few months before Summer, etc). Usually these resolutions physical goal to get more fit or lose weight, or goals to quit an addiction. In a way, mine’s a combination of the two. (And yes, I am aware I’m about two weeks late on this resolution thing, but I didn’t want to set anything unless I felt the need to; I do now.)

My main goal is to quit looking at so much damn pornography. Why do I usually do that? Most of the time, because I get board if I have nothing to do, or if I choose to be lazy even if I have important stuff to do. In turn, that makes me a lazy pos, and the majority of any physical activity I get is from masturbation. Eventually, all I would want is porn, porn, porn; and who would want to be with someone who does nothing but look at that all day?

So that’s why I’m going to tire myself out by working out more. Just trying to avoid porn or resist that temptation isn’t cutting it anymore.

Now I won’t be planning this elaborate workout schedule that fits in nicely with my class and work schedules; hell I don’t feel all that comfortable going to a gym by myself, nor do I know a lot of different routines. That’s why I’m going to start simple, and the most important, kind of workout: cardio. For now, I’ll be doing that once a week and for about an hour at best. I know how and why you should stretch before and after the workout, and how long the warm up and cool down should be. Simple, right? And that’s the way I like things: simple, but effective.

I know for sure this will be good for my heart because of my condition (pulmonary stenosis). I know people with respiratory and/or problems shouldn’t avoid working out; it strengthens those organs, even if it may seem like you’re putting too much stress on them. I just have to watch myself and not do more than I can handle; but I know I can handle quite a bit. That’s why I’m tiger brah!

I’m quite excited about this; hell I’m excited about this upcoming semester! Luckily I only have a few more days here at home before I go back, and I can’t wait to see all my friends again ^^

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One thought on “I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions…

  1. Stay away from the porn LoL. Honesty… Gotta love it.


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