Trying Not to be Cynical on Valentine’s Day

nodifferent Valentine’s Day…I don’t understand it. I mean, sure it’s a day to celebrate love, but it is always geared toward couples. Also, it seems like, for many guys, it’s the only day they’ll treat their woman properly. Single people always seem to get pushed aside; however, on the plus side, it can be the day they confess their love for someone they’ve had eyes for. The latter isn’t the case for me, and it never was.

I wish Valentine’s Day wasn’t restricted for couples; there are other types of love in this world that deserve more attention. From my experience, I’ve expressed platonic love, child-like love for my mom, brotherly love for my closest friends, and love for what I’m passionate about. I too have felt platonic and brotherly/sisterly love, as well as familial love and motherly love. I’ve also felt God’s unconditional love for me, which is quite difficult for us to express. There is also the kind of love you can express to a random stranger by just simply showing the some kindness; just a little bit could brighten their day.

Yet as powerful as all these kinds of love are, they all get shoved aside for romantic love. Not only on Valentine’s Day, but pretty much every day and holiday (I guess aside from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day).

Yes, I’m probably sounding cynical and salty because “’tis the season,” and because I have a hard enough time dealing with being single. Let’s be honest, society’s a terrible teacher when it comes to loving one another, or even yourself. I see Valentine’s Day as another day for me, and another day people can splurge money they don’t have on their significant other. To the couples who choose not to celebrate this “holiday” and/or would rather spend time with their single friends so they don’t feel lonely, I applaud you for being awesome!

Happy Single’s Awareness Day! If you’re alone on this day in particular, like me, find a way to love yourself, your closest friends, something your passionate about, or your closest family members.

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