Fur Squared 2016

Another year of Fur Squared; another year of being a furry. A lot has happened regarding me and my interactions with the fandom, and I consider this con my “anniversary” (if I end up going to it every year). This was the third year for Fur2 and my second year attending. For such a fairly new con, they’ve grown tremendously: ~500 attendees last year, and 791 attendees this year! It’s only a matter of time before they reach the 1,000 mark. The con also supports a local charity called the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS); they raised up to $9,001 this year for HAWS. I can honestly see this con quickly becoming one of the larger ones like MFF and AC.


Ok, so what the heck did I do there? Well, after I got there, checked in, settled into my room, equipped tiger tail, equipped my lanyard with badges, and had dinner with my friend, Wolfletech, my other friends Ben L. and Tienne found me and gave me hugs. Oh, and they were both in-suit, so they were all fuzzy and cute.

We then went to Furry Family Feud. I didn’t participate in the game show, but it was still a ton of fun watching it. Of course, there were some questions specifically about the fandom’s culture itself, and the responses were taken from other furs (of course). An example question was “What is one thing furries save money for?” and the responses were pretty obvious too: conventions, fursuits, art, alcohol, food, and sex toys to name a few (I think there were 8 top responses to this question). Oddly enough, it’s great to see furries making fun of themselves; it can be healthy and help you find humor in your faults.

After Family Feud, my group went to a “How to play” and Beginner’s Tournament for this custom trading card game called Furoticon. In a nutshell, it’s like Magic: The Gathering, but instead of trying to kill the opposing player(s), you try to make them orgasm. (Insert furries and sex stereotype/joke here). I didn’t sign up for the tournament, because I got the con late, but I wanted to at least figure out how to play the game. Me and Ben then played this a bit after the tourney. I’ll admit, once you get used to seeing all the lewd and explicit images on the cards, it’s a damn fun game that’s not all that difficult to play. I don’t really play a lot of trading card games, but this one…I think I like it. (Insert another furries and sex stereotype/joke here). Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play more often.


Saturday morning, me and my group just hung out until the Fursuit Parade. I was debating on taking pictures during that time, but I decided to try and use the video feature on my camera for the parade; so you won’t be seeing any pictures from me this time around. Instead, here’s the video I took! The only editing was cutting out the beginning and end of the recorded footage. Still, the parade was a good 10 min. at least, and my battery didn’t die while I recorded (thank God).

Afterwards, me, Wolf, and Carter went to a panel called “How to Make Things Look Like the Things They Look Like.” Yes, that is the title of the panel because it was a “How to” for drawing anthros. Some of the techniques I’ve known about before, but there were a few new ones I learned, such as drawing paws and hands (the bane of any artist), an accurate hip structure during the skeletal phase of the drawing process, and more on drawing digitigrade legs (the “natural” look of the hinds legs of most four-legged animals).

Our group then split off for a bit before meeting up again for dinner. After that, we went to Pepper Coyote’s concert (the special guest). I had no clue what I was expecting, but it was a fun concert none the less. The only other artist that came to mind while I was listening to him play was Barenaked Ladies: his music style could be silly at times, but he also performed some beautiful, but sad songs. If I remember to do so, I’ll see where I can buy an album of his.

For the rest of the evening, we sort of just hung out some more, checked out the dealer’s den and artist’s alley, and once the evening rolled around, we started drinking and me and Ben played a couple games of Furoticon. Speaking of which, me and Ben (mostly me though) ended up buying quite a lot of Furoticon cards. Now I’m gonna have to get a couple deck boxes and a dice bag (the dealer was selling counter sets too); thankfully there’s a trading card shop in Platteville I can pop over to sometime.


We didn’t do much today except for checking out of our hotel rooms and prepping to leave. Originally, we were gonna stay for the closing ceremony, but some of us needed to get back early. I was pretty wiped by this point, but part of me didn’t want to leave so early. I had such a great time this year, more so because I stayed at the hotel this time and got the full con experience. I hope to go again next year, and maybe every following year so long as Fur2 is still around.

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