Fur^2 2016 Haul Post

Even though I may or may not have mentioned the few things I got at Fur Squared in my last post, I completely forgot to post pictures of them. I didn’t get a whole lot: a couple badges done by two friends of mine, a beautiful deer print, and the first volume of a furry comic called Starfire Agency, created and published by Ringtail Cafe. I also mentioned in my last post that I got this collectible card game (CCG) called Furoticon; I won’t be posting any pictures of the cards, and I have my reasons. Anyway, below is a gallery of the few things I got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know the art on the badges may not be the best, but I got them for free and were from good friends of mine. If anything, it offers them an opportunity to practice their skills and maybe try new things with their art.

I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to read the comic yet, but I’m sure it’s good. Last year, I bought another volume of a series by Ringtail Cafe called…Ringtail Cafe. I thought that one was a pretty good comic, so I’m sure this one will be good too.

I’m probably gonna have to make a trip to Michael’s when I’m on Spring Break; I’m sure they can hook me up with a good frame for my print (plus I still have an Applejack print I got from Welovefine that I have yet to frame and put up).

Furoticon is staying hidden, because reasons.

Anyway, that’s all. Again, had a great time at Fur Squared, and I hope to go again next year!

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