A Most Wonderful Date

Me and my boyfriend, Wolfletech, went on our second date yesterday; you could consider this our “one-week anniversary” date. We decided on spending the day in Madison before going to the Madison Furry Bowling Meetup that occurs every third Saturday of the month. This was our original plan, but we figured we’d might as well make a day of it (plus this is the only day our Spring Break’s overlapped). Even though it was fairly cold out most of the day.

He only lived an hour away from me, and he was willing to pick me up at my place before going to Madison. When we got there, we went to Heny Villas Zoo. It was small and admittance was free, but the place was in very good shape. This was really the only place I was planning on taking lots of pictures, plus I tried playing around with my camera a bit. It was quite difficult taking pictures in some of the animal houses due to the reflective glass and lighting, but I think I got a few good ones from those places. Check out the gallery below.

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After this, we went to Rocky Rococo’s for a late lunch. Personally, I like to try and go to one at least once if I have the opportunity, and I believe it’s only a Wisconsin chain. If you get the chance whenever you’re in Wisconsin, you should find one of these places; they have really good pizza.

We then went to the UW Arboretum and hiked along the many trails there, one of which went underneath the Beltline! By this point in the day, it started to get cold and some frozen rain came down for a while. Still, I enjoyed spending time with him in this kind of setting; I’m glad he’s not against wandering about in the great outdoors. Of course, like any couple, we held hands while we hiked. However, we only did this if there was no one around because we didn’t want any negative encounters with other people. Even though Madison is fairly liberal, we just wanted to be cautious; like I said in earlier posts, this relationship thing is new for both of us. Despite our caution, I felt connected with him…and that felt wonderful.

We also went to Vitense Golfland to meet with another fur Wolfletech wanted to connect with more. I didn’t mind; it just meant I could spend more time with my boyfriend and get to know another WI fur. Vitense had a couple outdoor minigolf courses and one indoor one. We were going to do one of the outdoor courses, but it was way too cold by this point in the day; so we did half outdoors, half indoors. It was fun, silly, and we all kind of sucked at minigolf; I still had a great time though.

For dinner, we went to West Towne Mall to meet up with my friend Ben L. and his fiancee and kid, along with a couple of his friends. With Ben being Ben, he just had to mention that me and my boyfriend looked cute together. I’m slowly getting used to him being that way, but I still agree with him; we do look cute together.

It was soon time for the main event: the bowling meet. Of course, I brought my own gear and really wanted to bowl. All of us but Ben’s fiancee and one of their friends wanted to bowl too; the latter wanted to fursuit for a while and socialize. I quickly realized how long it’s been since I’ve bowled regularly; I only got one pin in the first frame. As I slowly got my skills back up again throughout the game, I started getting a little competitive about it. Mind you, this is supposed to be a fun, relaxing event, not a league match. After realizing this (and Wolfletech telling me to calm down) I think I started getting a little better. I wasn’t as frustrated with myself. In all honesty, I shouldn’t care how well I did; there were some fursuiters bowling anyway, and I can’t imagine how hard that can be! I only bowled one game, since Ben’s crew had to leave early to get the kid to bed. I decided I should attempt to socialize a bit, but that didn’t go quite as well as I hoped. There’s always next time though.

After the meetup, we went to Perkin’s with a two other furs, one of which Wolfletech wanted to befriend. It was…an interesting late-night dinner (they were kind of drunk). I won’t go into the details of the weird shit that happened, but honestly, they seemed like pretty cool guys.

We both got back to my place really late (about 2:00 AM) and we were both beat. I don’t think I’ve ever had that long of a day before, and I don’t think I’ve ever ate that much food before in a day either. Still, I was glad I got to spend it with my wuff! I’m going to miss him though; we won’t be able to be with each other until Summer Break. It’ll be worth it though because we’re planning on taking a camping trip then!

I still can’t believe I found someone, let alone have that someone be another guy; but I’m also very thankful for him. Honestly, this wolf’s going to change me in more ways than one, and in a good way; I hope I have the same impact on him.

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