April 18, 2016

I’ve been meaning to give you guys a life update of sorts, considering the last one was when me and my boyfriend went on our second date. Not a whole lot has been happening on that front, but a lot of other stuff’s happened since then.

In a couple weeks, me and Tyler will have been together for two months now! Come Finals Week (for me at least) he’s planning on coming over to spend the last couple days of that week before taking me home. His Finals Week is the week before mine, so it all works out. I’m not sure what exactly we’ll end up doing, but it’ll be nice to just spend some time with him after not seeing him for a while.

Also, while I did post these to Twitter before, he decided to be a dork and made this from a couple icon commissions we got. It is my current background for both of my laptops.

Awesome Duo Ricky and Wolfletech

Look at these two cute dorks!

College has been going pretty steady so far, save for the financial block I currently have. Right now, I owe ~$3,300 in tuition after Financial Aid being applied. Because of this, I’ve decided to take next semester off, mainly to pay that off and build up my financial pool. During this time, I’m going to try and get a place of my own in Platteville so I can finish up my undergrad. I don’t have too many requirements left, but I might have to go part-time for the time being.

This has led me to drop my Zoology emphasis; it shaved down a lot of required courses for me. I will, however, keep my Creative Writing minor for now; I only have three more courses I need to take for that. With the general Biology major, and assuming I pass all my classes this semester, I will only have a few courses left for that. I don’t know how much my Financial Aid will help me by this point, since I already went over the $31,000 cap for my Direct Loans (the majority of my loans); it’s something I will have to think about later on. Right now, I just want to finish up this semester and try to pay off what I currently owe in tuition from this past year.

Going back to my relationship for a moment, I haven’t told my mom or my grandma. Would I want to? Absolutely! I’m so thankful and happy that I met Tyler; he loves me, and I love him. He’s told me that I’ve helped keep his sanity. I talk with him frequently on a daily basis, and I even try to stay up with him for his security assistant shift once a week as much as I can (it goes from 12:00am – 7:00am). We’ve even talked about long-term goals briefly, but we both want to wait and see if our relationship holds. Seriously though, if this relationship does hold for longer than, say, 5 or 6 months, I don’t think either of us will want to keep it a secret any longer! I love this dorky wolf!

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of right now. Not much going on, but big things are going to be happening. What happened over a month ago started a new chapter in my life; it’ll be interesting to see where it takes me.


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