Two Months!

I can’t believe it’s been two months since me and my boyfriend, Wolfletech, have been together! I’m still thankful to have him in my life, and I hope we can keep this going onto three months!

Anyway, below is all what we did for our two-month anniversary.


Not a lot happened earlier in the day, aside from two, back-to-back finals in the afternoon; I also had work immediately after. Needless to say, I was already having quite a busy day.

Tech ended up getting to Platteville by the time I got out of work, so that worked out perfectly. I don’t think I was so excited to leave work than I did that day; part of me wished he would’ve just come right on up to the third floor of the library where I was working. Still, I was so happy to see him after I clocked out; it took a lot in me to not start hugging and kissing him right then and there!

It was fairly late when I got done with work (around 8pm); by this point in the day, I haven’t eaten any real food yet. Like most couples, we had a bit of a hard time deciding on where to go to dinner, but we eventually decided on a local restaurant called Cold Fusion. It’s basically a bar and grill type place in downtown Platteville, but it stayed open through bar time (2am). I actually forgot they were having a special on burgers: $5.00 burgers plus a mystery beer, and any additions to your burger were less than $1.00 per addition. (I couldn’t remember the exact special, but we had some damn good burgers and fries for really cheap; soda/pop was also part of the special if we didn’t want beer.) All in all, I think this was a great start to our extensive, two-month anniversary date!

Ready for adventure tomorrow!

Ready for adventure tomorrow!


Freakin wolfs eating our doughnuts!

Freakin wolfs eating our doughnuts!

I wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, since I had a $5.00 gift card from my mom. However, I found out that Tech hasn’t been to a Dunkin Donuts before! Obviously, we just had to go. We didn’t get going until late morning though, since he didn’t want to get up until around 10am; me, I’d rather get going earlier than that, especially for spending the day with my boyfriend.

Quick side note, before I continue, my boyfriend and I took quite a few pictures today, so it’s going to be photo-heavy for a while. Just bear with me on this.

Ok, back on task. After DD, I wanted to show him Badger Brothers, a local coffee shop. It’s a bit of a special place for me, since I usually go here to write, or meet up with Ben L. on occasion; in fact, it’s where I first meet him. We hung out there for a good while until the middle of the afternoon, then we made our next stop at the “M.”

Ugh! Now they're getting in our coffee too! Even the tiger's involved this time!

Ugh! Now they’re getting in our coffee too! Even the tiger’s involved this time!

I may have talked a little bit about the “M” before on this blog, but in case you don’t know what it is:

…it’s basically a large hill in Platteville that has a large, white ‘M’ on it’s side made out of large, painted rocks. And yes, this is at attraction for outsiders visiting the Midwest, because there are a lot of unnecessarily large things in the Midwest.

Me and Tech climbed to the top of that hill and hiked around the wooded area for a couple hours. I took quite a few pics, but he also took some goofy ones, plus a couple short video clips. It was like a mini adventure within a larger adventure! And, because we are both furries, we both wore our tails the entire time were back there. Honestly, I feel that much closer to nature if I wear my tail while hiking in the woods; I know it seems silly, but it makes it more worthwhile in the end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plush tower at Steve's

Plush tower at Steve’s

After getting back from the “M,” we met up with any of my friends that were still in Platteville by this point in the week. As you may have guessed, it was finals week for us, but Tech had his last week. There were only a five of us, but that’s ok; I honestly preferred it, and I think it was better for Tech to meet only a few of my friends at a time, rather than all of them. This was something I was planning for a while, and I ended up deciding on Steve’s Pizza Palace, because no one was helping me decide. Still, I’m glad that dinner went well.

After dinner, we all headed back to campus because my friend, Andrew, wanted to show us this automated humidifier he made for the Animal House in Boebel Hall (a.k.a. the Biology building). Here’s more info on the Animal House, but it’s basically a place to offer an educational opportunity while featuring live animals. We then did a little tour of Boebel; I wanted to show Tech this building in particular, since I seem to have spent so much time in there this semester. After this, we all had to part; honestly, it was bittersweet. I’m glad those few friends got to meet my boyfriend, but I have no idea when I’ll see them again. Currently, I have no idea when or if I’ll be able to go back to Platteville; if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you may know that I owe the school money, thus preventing me from registering. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish, or at least get closer to finishing my degree come Spring of 2017.


This morning, I took my last final of the semester and turned in my last textbook; I was finally done with another semester of college! As soon as I got back, I wanted to finish packing and get Tech’s truck loaded up so I could check out of my room. Unfortunately, on top of the general stress with moving, it had to rain during this time as well. It didn’t let up even by the time we got back to my place in Milton. Thankfully, he had some tarp to cover up the stuff in the truck, but we also stopped by Farm and Fleet to grab some more, along with some rope to keep it all down. Not too much got wet in the end, or at least nothing valuable.

This day got even more wonderful when Tech locked himself out of his truck! Everything was loaded in my garage by this point, but it was still raining; it was nighttime by this point too. I offered to drive someplace for dinner in my mom’s car while we figure out what to do about this; he ended up having to call Roadside Assistance to get it opened for him when we got back from dinner. He was also spending the night at my place, since that was easiest, and we would leave for his dad’s in the morning.


We didn’t get going to his dad’s place until late in the morning, mostly because Tech didn’t want to get up until around 10am. Once he did though, we soon were on our way to Fall River, WI.

On the way there, I noticed he was heading down the same route I usually take to get to my grandma’s; she lives about 15 minutes away from me. I asked Tech if he wanted to stop by and visit quick, and if it was alright with his dad. He said it was fine, and that his dad is the most flexible person he knows when it comes to planning things; however, he would still go fishing today no matter what, whether we’re there or not. Anyway, we stopped by my grandma’s to visit for a bit, and Tech realized one of his grandma’s didn’t live too far away; so we visited her afterwards.

Creepin on us fishing :c

Creepin on us fishing :c

Once we finally got to his dad’s it was around 5:30/6:00pm, and he wanted to have dinner before we went fishing. Of course, we had a little bit of a fish fry, along with some other delights.

Me, Tech, his dad, and his younger brother went to a local lake for catfish, then went to a dam in town for bluegills, panfish, crappies, or whatever we could catch. Everyone but me caught something, but I also haven’t been fishing in a long time. When we got done, it was around 9:30pm. It didn’t matter though, it gave me time and space to get to know his dad. Also, out of Tech’s family, his wants him to be the first to know about us.


The next morning, or more around mid-day, Tech’s dad took us both out for brunch at a local diner (his brother left last night) in Columbus, WI. Afterwards, we started to head back to Milton. On our way, however, Tech wanted to stop at the Nike clearance store in Johnson Creek, WI to pick up a compression shirt for his future fursuit. He’s hoping to get the full suit by the time Furry Migration comes around, which is the second weekend in September. We then stopped someplace for dinner in the same town before hitting the road again.

We finally made it to my place, albeit a little late. Tech wanted to meet another local fur that lived near me, as in the next town over. I wanted to join him, but this other fur, Fox, has social anxiety and didn’t want to feel outnumbered. Knowing that, I was fine with that. At the time, I did want to meet Fox, since I have talked with him off/on when I first joined the fandom (and well before I met Tech). A few days later, I did manage to meet up with him in person. I admit, he was a little awkward, but he seems like a good guy; we also share the same kind of sassy/sarcastic humor, so that’s a plus.

I know that was a lot to digest; a lot can happen in just a few days, you know? I’m glad to have meet some of my boyfriend’s family, and he got a chance to meet mine. Both of us would love to share what we have with them, but we both hope this doesn’t blow out of proportion. You know how it can go with kids coming out to their parents/family.

But no matter what happens, I still love him, and I’m still thankful that he’s a part of my life now!

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