Yep, I Like Wrestling Now (Though I Always Did)

Original artwork © Pulex Ricky Paszek and edit © yours truly

Original artwork © Pulex
Ricky Paszek and edit © yours truly

Never would I have guessed I would get into something like this, though a part of me isn’t surprised. It’s strange, but I like the general concept of pro wrestling, and just wrestling in general. I don’t follow any particular wrestling circuits, discuss previous matches with other fans, or even have a favorite wrestler. I’m not even one of those people who’ve liked it ever since I was a kid; I didn’t think much of it. Hell, when I did start liking it, I was actually uncomfortable if people knew that I like it; probably because my mom thought it was stupid or something. By no means do I consider myself a sports buff, and I tend to get annoyed with sports fans at times. I am aware that pro wrestling is scripted, gimmicky, cheesy, and more akin to a theatrical performance than an actual sport. However, lots of athleticism and training go into those matches, if only so the wrestlers can execute the moves correctly.

So what do I like about it?

Well, I do enjoy watching the matches (you know, the whole point of pro wrestling), but mainly those from the indie circuits rather than from WWE or TNA. My favorites are the ones that are more technical and are actually a match rather than a gimmicky performance. Now, I don’t mind a little cheesiness during a match now and then (I am aware of pro wrestling’s origins), but I want to see two strong people throw down, literally, in the square circle. I’ve found the indie circuits have more of these technical matches; however, I don’t know how much indie circuits script their matches or if some don’t. Obviously, I’m not ruling out the more traditional styles of wrestling (or “real” wrestling), so I hope you get where I’m coming from. Bottom line: less talk, more fight!

I also like some of the outfits different wrestlers wear, regardless of gender; my favorite being, what I would call, your average getup: briefs (or briefs and sports bra for the women), boots, pads, and wrist bands or fingerless gloves. As I’ve mentioned, I do like the more traditional styles of wrestling, so I’m also a fan of singlets. Basically anything that’s form-fitting and shows off their bodies well. Your typical luchador getup (loose, silk pants, boots, pads, and mask) I’m indifferent towards, though mainly regarding the masks. I’m not a huge fan of street clothes in the ring though; they might as well actually be wrestling in the street at that point. I also see street clothes being more suitable for hardcore matches, which I’m not a big fan of to begin with. Keep in mind, this is coming from a bisexual guy who has, shall we say, an affinity for tight clothing…Don’t judge me.

Art © Yarred on FA Jamie "Kid Cobalt" Bockmann © yours truly

Art © Yarred on FA
Jamie “Kid Cobalt” Bockmann © yours truly

ANYWAY! I even went as far as creating an alternate fursona who’s a pro wrestler. Ever since I started getting comfortable with enjoying wrestling for what it is, I always thought what I would look and act like as a wrestler, both pro and traditional. I debated on putting my main fursona, Ricky, in wrestling gear but I wanted to keep him strictly for SFW/some saucy art, a writing persona, pictures with the boyfriend, and who represents me as a whole. However, after getting more and more comfortable with this wrestling interest, and being part of a furry wrestling rollplay (RP) group for a while now (AWF Redux), I came up with a simple getup for him. Now that this interest has been revealed, and that Ricky meant to be a wholesome representation of myself in the fandom, it’s a part of him now too.

Before this, however, I created Jamie: my wrestling goat sona. What side of me does Jamie represent? Well, I’ve noticed I do have a social side, despite being introverted; I just need to get comfortable in a new, social environment first. I also don’t consider myself a jock, but there have been times I feel I come off as one, as if I give off this dudebro personality to some people. (No, I’m not talking about your average fratboy dudebro who just acts like a douchebag all the time). Yes, I’m not a huge fan of sports, but I don’t hate them; in fact, there are some I’m genuinely interested in, aside from wrestling and bowling. I’m beginning to have a slight interest in hockey and football (the American variety). While my relationship with my ex-boyfriend didn’t go too well in the end (wasn’t a bad breakup), I’m thankful he helped me get more and more comfortable with a semi-hidden part of myself.

So why did I decide to write a long post about all this, making it sound like I have to explain myself? It’s because…it started off more as a fetish when I was very young, developed more as such around middle school and high school (guess why), and then became more than just a fetish once I got into the furry thing. Also, because this interest developed when I was very young, it most likely “turned me gay” so to speak. Two muscly/fit men (sometimes women) in skimpy/tight outfits trying to dominate one another? Yeah I don’t know how some people can stay straight if they watch that regularly. But…some people can I guess. This is also why I’m still not terribly comfortable being open with this interest yet, mainly with family; I just really don’t want to explain the “why” if they decide to ask (which they would).

Yes, it may sound like I’m making a big deal out of this and it seems silly of me to do so. But wrestling is something I seriously wished I never kept hidden all these years. Lately, I’ve been regretting not trying out for the wrestling team back in middle school or high school, or even trying out during my early years of college. I’m on my, hopefully, last semester of college and by now…it’s too late. There’s really nothing for “amateur” wrestling beyond college or anything for it that isn’t through a university. There’s also little near me for trying out pro wrestling, though I don’t know how well I’d be able to handle that; the closest place would be a few pro wrestling schools in Chicago or one in the middle of Iowa. I guess all I can really do now is live it out through the furry wrestling RP group and if I end up wrestling my boyfriend for fun.

Despite my regrets, I’m glad I’ve become more comfortable with being a wrestling fan. It’s another step in feeling more comfortable with myself and who I am, and I really don’t think I’ve turned out that bad. I’m a Christian, bisexual with male preference, writer, poet, Biologist, nature lover, furry, occasional bowler and photographer, rare drawer…and now a wrestler.

After this fully coming through, I feel…complete, whole, matured, whatever you want to call it.

I still think I’m a weirdo though, compared to most people, but I don’t care!

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