Gods with Fur story reviews #4

© FurPlanet Productions

© FurPlanet Productions

“To the Reader…” by Alan Loewen

This is going to be a short review because…well this is a very short story. In fact, I don’t think it’s really much of a story at all. It read more like a vignette of sorts: a piece that isn’t necessarily a complete story, but isn’t some quick, unedited character or scene sketch either.

So far, this is the first story that’s written in second person. I do like how this one breaks the fourth wall a bit: the reader finds a vixen goddess in an old library and she’s talking to…well, you. Given that she talks about the anthology itself, and about animal-like gods in general, this short, fun vignette helps the reader become more engrossed in the anthology’s theme. However, if this was this piece’s intention, I’m not sure why it wasn’t placed at the beginning of the anthology. Granted it’s still towards the beginning, but not the very beginning. I don’t intent for this to be a negative remark on the editor’s part; I’m mostly curious about it’s placement. Who knows.

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