Feb. 10, 2017

Hey guys, I’ve been gone a while, haven’t I? That shouldn’t be new, honestly; I’ve been quite busy and have had a lot on my mind for the past month or so.

One culprit would definitely have to be college. Yep, finally started that up again a couple weeks ago. Already I feel busy with assignments, many of which are long-term, research projects, which would be understandable at this point in my college career. I currently have two research projects I need to think of a topic/get on the ball with doing research ASAP, plus I have a lot of reading to do for two other classes. Not to mention, there’s exams coming up soon and I need to start getting prepared for those. It’s just been so hard getting back into that mindset after being gone for the summer, fall, and beginning of winter.

Still, I have enjoyed what I’ve learned so far. Ornithology is, well, birds, so we’ve been going over quite a lot of bird species we need to know, both what they look like and some by their call. We’ve also started covering bird morphology and anatomy quite a bit as well.

Speaking of morphology, I’m taking a course called “Morphology & Evolution of Vascular Plants.” Title says it all. Much of this has been review for me, and I mean much needed review, but we’ve also talked about ecological time, which I’m not too familiar with but amazed at the concept.

I’m also taking an Immunology course, though I am surprised there isn’t a lab component for it. Maybe that’s a good thing since the college probably doesn’t want viruses kept in test tubes getting loose and cause an epidemic. Even without a lab component, though, it’s still an interesting subject to learn about, and one we don’t know all that much about in the first place other than the basics. Hell, even the subject of “are viruses considered ‘living'” is still debated to this day. It’s quite fascinating really.

I’m required to take one of two types of Senior Capstone courses: “Senior Thesis” or “From Atoms to Ecosystems;” I chose the latter. The theme for the course is “Biology’s Checkered Past,” a.k.a. we’re looking at the sketchy history of Biology regarding eugenics, human testing, animal testing, and pseudoscience. We’ve covered lots of racial issues with eugenics so far, and boy does it piss me off (in a good way). You can’t nor shouldn’t use “science” to validate your prejudices towards your fellow man. I’m sure there are still racial and gender bias within the science community, but I sincerely hope most of us are done with that bullshit. (I should stop myself before I began to rant/ramble again).

Finally, I’m taking an independent study course where I basically research something that interests me within or related to Biology. I’m a bit torn between several topics, but two big ones are 1) humans’ tendency to anthropomorphize animals for many reasons, and 2) a closer look at same-sex relationships among non-human animals. My adviser has more background in the first topic, but does find both of them really damn interesting. Personally, I’m leaning more towards the second topic. You always see LGBT and Allies saying “there are these kinds of relationships among animals, not just humans; so yes, it’s natural” but they tend to not refer to any legitimate sources. I also wonder…why? If our natural instincts is to entice the opposite sex for mating purposes, why is it that some do the same towards the same sex? Why do some try to entice both sexes to mate with? Is this due to a genetic mutation? Can “being gay” be passed down as a legitimate, evolutionary trait? Yeah…pretty damn interesting!

I’ve also got involved with the boxing club at my school, mainly to try and stay in shape as much as I can. We only meet twice a week, but it’s been fun so far. I’m surprised I’ve been picking it up fairly quickly though, and we’ve had one sparring session already. I definitely need to work on being more aggressive and keeping an eye on my opponent, try to predict what he might do. I already got jab really good in the ribs though; still aching a bit after that, and that was two days ago. But am I gonna just…stop? Nah. I’ve been enjoying myself too much.

And then, there’s also having to have some form of a social life. My boyfriend and I don’t see much of each other because I’ve been busy, and I don’t really hang out with many of my friends for that same reason. There’s also the AWFR (a furry wrestling RP group) which I’ve enjoyed being a part of, yet it’s been hard trying to stay involved in that as well. I know school should come first, but I also don’t want to feel lonely or not have fun sometimes. Hell, this blog entry’s the only writing I’ve done since I started this semester, I think. I still have one more commission I have yet to work on, and I’m still waiting on payment from my first customer after getting approval to go with making edits (I won’t do those until I receive the minimum pre-payment. Check the “My Anthro Fiction” link to my writing blog at the bottom of the page for that info.)

So yeah…needless to say I’m a little stressed out right now. Granted, I haven’t been in Platteville since last Spring semester. Just been trying to deal with all these new things happening as best as I can.

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