Thoughts on my newest hybrids, Jackie & Roy

This has been something I’ve been meaning to write about, now that I’ve had my tigoat, Jackie, for a while. I have posted her ref sheet I whipped up and the only two art pieces I have of her on my art gallery sites, as well as Twitter and Tumblr. Continue reading

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Life is pain

I need to learn to love myself too. Most of my life has been a struggle in one way or another, and it hasn’t gotten easier as I got older and since starting college. But I too have changed for the better, dramatically even. I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve become a better man than I was in high school or middle school (or even Freshman year of college).

Thanks for this; it’s something I needed to hear.

Cristian Mihai


“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” William Goldman

I’m not a big fan of “positive thinking.” Yes, it’s important that we love ourselves, that we try to see all that is good and worthy of gratitude in us and others. I believe in seeing the light in others and offering them the support they need to better themselves.

But I also know that it is extremely important that we be realistic about what is what and who is who.

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The Raven; Read by Christopher Walken

Found this on my Facebook feed and I had to share it here!

I’ll admit, Poe’s one of my favorite writers; I’ve always enjoyed any of his poems/stories that I read for my English classes in high school and college. Sometime, probably when I’m done slugging through college, I would love to get a complete collection of all his works (if such a thing exists).

Oh yeah, it’s read by none other than Christopher Walken, complimented by background ambiance!

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New Twitter writing account

I recently created a separate writing account on Twitter. If you want, give it a follow

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This Week and Next Week

I’ve decided I won’t recap this week and next week. This is mainly due to Spring break being last week and Easter break coming up next weekend, however I’ve also been pretty stressed over life things, as you may have guessed from my post yesterday, and have generally just been out of sorts all week.

If I feel the need to, and if I remember, I’ll share any significant events or thoughts that may occur over the next week or so, they just won’t be in the usual format of a weekly recap. Who knows? These “special days” posts may end up being a new, unofficial format of this blog.

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The time stamps on these posts sometimes…I don’t understand how they work. Like, I’ll finish writing a post a week after initiating it, but the published date would show the date I started writing it, not when I actually publish it.

Technology makes a lot of sense.

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1st cigar picHey There~

I’ve blogged some in the past, but I never felt I got anywhere and I never really enjoyed it. I even got to the point where I deleted all my blogs I had on WordPress; I had three: a main writing blog/portfolio, a review blog, and a photo blog. Only the first one really went anywhere, but there were a couple times where I didn’t update it at all for months at a time.

Now I want to be more disciplined with my posting, even if I’ll get little to no readership or feedback. Primarily, I want to have this blog for myself, along with any other blogs I plan on creating.

I didn’t want a blog that had a variety of things (even if they were all related to writing). From what I gather, having a blog that’s specific with its content and theme tends to be easier to manage; plus, people would be more willing to read it anyway. But again, am I wanting this to gain popularity? No. I want to have this for myself, but I’m also willing to share my life and thoughts with the anonymous internet.

This will be updated semi-weekly sometime during the weekends, CST. I want to post consistently, but not so much that I exhaust myself of content to post. Expect the next post on whatever life events or thoughts I decided to share this Saturday.

Hope you enjoy!

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