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Fur^2 2016 Haul Post

Even though I may or may not have mentioned the few things I got at Fur Squared in my last post, I completely forgot to post pictures of them. I didn’t get a whole lot: a couple badges done by two friends of mine, a beautiful deer print, and the first volume of a furry comic called Starfire Agency, created and published by Ringtail Cafe. I also mentioned in my last post that I got this collectible card game (CCG) called Furoticon; I won’t be posting any pictures of the cards, and I have my reasons. Anyway, below is a gallery of the few things I got: Continue reading

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Thoughts on Being a Furry

I’m probably opening up a can of worms with this one, but this has been something I’ve been thinking about lately. Who knows, maybe this will just come off as informative and nothing more. Continue reading

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