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April 18, 2016

I’ve been meaning to give you guys a life update of sorts, considering the last one was when me and my boyfriend went on our second date. Not a whole lot has been happening on that front, but a lot of other stuff’s happened since then. Continue reading

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April 19, 2015

This hasn’t been the greatest week for me, and you might guess why if you’ve looked at the tags and other reasons. But that’s not to say there hasn’t been some high points as well. Continue reading

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April 12, 2015

Let’s just say, it has been an interesting week where quite a lot of stuff happened. Continue reading

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It’s Probably Going to Happen

I’m thinking of doing the inevitable changing of majors soon; I just have to get this one class dropped first because I’m tired of thinking about that.

I almost feel like, with my English major, I sometimes feel like I’m re-taking high school (though it might be because I’ve been hammering away at the gen-ed/general humanities major requirements along with any literature and writing requirements (I’m so sick of being required to take advanced Spanish courses)).

I guess I’m just tired of taking courses just to fulfill a requirement and not because I want to learn something. I honestly don’t care about learning Spanish because I don’t feel it’ll be necessary for my current path nor if I were to change my major. Regarding the class I’m planning to drop, I don’t mind learning about other world religions and what their philosophies/theologies are, but I’m not going to risk losing my faith or values. Personally, I don’t think my faith is strong enough to tackle this kind of thing just yet, and I don’t feel that God is calling me to go overseas on mission work or something like that.

From what I can tell for the course requirements for Biology, I’ll actually be learning something useful and specified for whatever profession I get myself into. Plus…I’ve found that I like learning about the natural world, at least with animals. This is coming from a guy who switched from Engineering after taking it for one semester because I didn’t want to deal with all the advanced math and science. Lo and behold, I’m thinking of going into a science field.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few classes that I enjoyed, and there are a couple classes I’m taking currently that I enjoy (these are just the courses for my major specifically):

  • Technical Writing
  • American Lit Through the Civil War
  • American Lit After the Civil War
  • Intro to Creative Writing
  • Intro to Philosophy
  • Poetry Writing
  • Wisconsin Indian Lit

Essentially, I enjoy lit and writing classes the most, so I guess I got my emphasis right, Professional Writing. Maybe I should have gone with a writing or literature minor instead; those seem to be the only classes I truly enjoy, other than the couple Biology courses I have.

Maybe I should do the flip…

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