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Sona Sunday – Dec. 18, 2016

Someone on Furry Amino proposed #SonaSunday as an alternative for those who can’t do #FursuitFriday. It’s basically a way for furries to show off their fursonas in whatever way they choose, be it a small gallery of art of their sona, a story, a Q&A, or whatever they like. I decided to use my favorite commission (which I admit I share around way too much) and cleaned up a quick write-up I did where I expressed my frustrations with writing. I think I wrote it a number of months ago (I mention Wolfletech being my boyfriend), but I like it; it’s a good day-in-the-life type of scene for Ricky.

I don’t consider this something I’d put in my writing portfolio/gallery/whatever you want to call it. My intention behind Ricky is for me to portray myself in the furry fandom as true to myself as possible, flaws and all. He has the same personality, goals, dreams, habits, vices, and background as me, though I admit to taking some creative liberties when I wrote his bio.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this small window into a beginning writer’s life. Continue reading

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Sept. 20, 2015

2629dbc3-6b68-4675-9e5c-95bb08b002c9_dLast night I went to an Intervarsity event called “Worship at the M” where we…well, worship God at the M. If you don’t know what the M is, it’s basically a large hill in Platteville that has a large, white ‘M’ on it’s side made out of large, painted rocks. And yes, this is at attraction for outsiders visiting the Midwest, because there are a lot of unnecessarily large things in the Midwest. Continue reading

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The Source of My Frustrations

I recently randomly started looking through some of my old notebooks, usually kept as journals or poetry notebooks, when I came across this entry from almost three years ago: Continue reading

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