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April 9, 2018

Basically me mulling over some things and just wanting to get it all out of my system. Feel free to comment or message me about this if you wish, even though I know I’ll sound like a broken record having to explain the same thing over and over and over again to everyone who does. Continue reading

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Thoughts on going forward in the fandom

In a way, you could say this is my follow-up post to Fur Squared 2018. All in all, I had a great time at the con and was glad to meet and hang out with a few people I haven’t seen in a while, along with meeting a few new people. To be honest, my main goal for this con was just that.

As much as I would’ve loved to have Sponsored or Super Sponsored this con, things weren’t going great for me, financially, prior to this past weekend. However, after I was hired on to permanent employment status at Emmi Roth (a cheese factory I work at here in town), I gained a better pay rate, benefits, and paid time off; so, in the end, things worked out for me enough that I could at least attend. I believe this makes my second year where I had to register at the door, the first year being…well my very first Fur Squared and furry con back in 2015. Otherwise, I would’ve pre-registered as a Sponsor or Super Sponsor. I feel I’ve been attending this con enough times where I know it’ll be a good con each year, and I want to help it grow. Continue reading

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Thoughts on my newest hybrids, Jackie & Roy

This has been something I’ve been meaning to write about, now that I’ve had my tigoat, Jackie, for a while. I have posted her ref sheet I whipped up and the only two art pieces I have of her on my art gallery sites, as well as Twitter and Tumblr. Continue reading

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Final Semester Self-Reflection and A Lot of Regret

I’m finally living on my own in my own place and have a full-time job at a cheese factory that, while it does pay decent, it’s just barely enough to cover bills and groceries. I’ve also been writing much more often than I did this past summer and back in September after I opened up for story commissions.

It’s not the best situation, financially speaking, but I’m perfectly content with where I’m at…except for one thing.

Have I wasted six years of my life with college? Continue reading

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First Fursuiting Experience at Downer’s Grove Furry Bowling Meet

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to suit for the very first time, thanks to Wolfletech. He recently got a new, pre-made, partial fursuit from LazyLupe and, if you’ve seen her work, it’s adorable. With two suits, he’s able to allow someone else try on Zalor (the name of his new suit) while he goes as…well, himself, or vise-versa, or two different people try on both his suits. During the Downer’s Grove, IL bowling meet, I suited as Zalor while Wolfletech suited as himself. Continue reading

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The Time He Desires by Kyell Gold

Finally got around to finishing this after quite a few months. This book in particular was one I wanted to get at MFF 2016 for sure after hearing about it off/on; I even got this copy signed by Kyell Gold, so that’s pretty cool!

Anyway, onto the review! Continue reading

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Thoughts on #whatmakesmefurry

Hey Guys~

There’s a new, trending hashtag on Twitter that was started by my friends Wolfletech and Rhye. The goal for this is to allow furries who don’t own fursuits (financial reasons, no desire, or tried it and didn’t like it) and furries who don’t/can’t draw get noticed. Though, I’ll be honest, Wolfletech says it better:

And I’ve come to know some great people in this fandom, regardless if they draw/own a fursuit or not. Even if they do draw or fursuit, they’re still genuine people who don’t let those get to their head, should they become well-known because of it. They have those talents and window of opportunity that, quite frankly, tend to get more recognition for one, simple fact: we’re a visual fandom that tends to have a short attention span. Yes, there are people in the fandom who have neither or only one or the other, yet still get recognized because of some other talent, a non-artistic contributor to the fandom, or, unfortunately, infamy for…something. I would make a list, but, if you’ve been in this fandom long enough, you’re probably already thinking of a few people in the fandom who fall under the latter description.

I’ve already written a short post when I “joined the fandom” back in early 2015 titled, “Thoughts on Being a Furry”. Some of my thoughts and feelings since writing that have changed; some have not. I’ve experienced quite a lot in this fandom during those two years, and I still love being a part of it, despite its flaws. Continue reading

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Gods with Fur story reviews #4

© FurPlanet Productions

© FurPlanet Productions

“To the Reader…” by Alan Loewen

This is going to be a short review because…well this is a very short story. In fact, I don’t think it’s really much of a story at all. It read more like a vignette of sorts: a piece that isn’t necessarily a complete story, but isn’t some quick, unedited character or scene sketch either.

So far, this is the first story that’s written in second person. I do like how this one breaks the fourth wall a bit: the reader finds a vixen goddess in an old library and she’s talking to…well, you. Given that she talks about the anthology itself, and about animal-like gods in general, this short, fun vignette helps the reader become more engrossed in the anthology’s theme. However, if this was this piece’s intention, I’m not sure why it wasn’t placed at the beginning of the anthology. Granted it’s still towards the beginning, but not the very beginning. I don’t intent for this to be a negative remark on the editor’s part; I’m mostly curious about it’s placement. Who knows.

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Gods With Fur story reviews #3

© FurPlanet Productions

© FurPlanet Productions

“On the Run from Isofell” by M. R. Anglin

This was an interesting one, mainly due to some the inspiration the author derived certain aspects of this story. Most of this story read a lot like a Biblical story, and I can see a lot of influence from both the Old and New Testaments. There’s this setting in a desert area with cities far from each other, a protagonist who’s very religious and seems like a prophet of sorts, and a deity who can take on mortal form to interact with the protagonist and any other characters around him. This prophet, Skitter, seems to be a faithful follower of Kadiel, a god who can’t be seen but can take on a mortal form, later known as Josaif. Josaif definitely sounds like this “Jesus figure” in the story; still Kadiel, just in mortal form. Skitter is also going against this culture who’s gods might just be carved stone, and that’s all that they are. He is also able to perform miracles as well, it seems.

I really enjoy this type of story arc: a character, or group of characters, always on the run, yet always encountering road blocks to keep them from their goal. While the story doesn’t pick up right away, things really begin to get interesting once they reach the city of Parainmont and Skitter, being an Outsider to the Expermian culture, is not welcomed, for the most part. Again, going back on the Biblical influences, two of the characters “see the light” in Kadiel, and Josaif is able to see Toval’s willingness to be a follower as well. Again, this goes back to Josaif being the “Jesus figure” where he’s able to instantly see what truly lies in someone’s heart. Maybe all this Biblical influence is why this might be one of my favorites so far. I grew up Lutheran; naturally, I was exposed to the Bible a lot growing up, so most of this story resonated with me in that sense.

I will admit, this story felt a little incomplete. I understand that, being a short story, you can’t always have everything tied up in a nice package. However, there’s one scene where the Expermian priests are angry, yet afraid, after seeing Josaif. We don’t know what all they did in the end, other than state “let’s see how an Outsider’s god stands against another one of ours.” I understand the focus is more on what happens wherever Skitter goes and not so much after-the-fact, but I would love this part to be explored a little more. Maybe it is, seeing as this is a short story that takes place in the author’s larger world.

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Yep, I Like Wrestling Now (Though I Always Did)

Original artwork © Pulex Ricky Paszek and edit © yours truly

Original artwork © Pulex
Ricky Paszek and edit © yours truly

Never would I have guessed I would get into something like this, though a part of me isn’t surprised. It’s strange, but I like the general concept of pro wrestling, and just wrestling in general. I don’t follow any particular wrestling circuits, discuss previous matches with other fans, or even have a favorite wrestler. I’m not even one of those people who’ve liked it ever since I was a kid; I didn’t think much of it. Hell, when I did start liking it, I was actually uncomfortable if people knew that I like it; probably because my mom thought it was stupid or something. By no means do I consider myself a sports buff, and I tend to get annoyed with sports fans at times. I am aware that pro wrestling is scripted, gimmicky, cheesy, and more akin to a theatrical performance than an actual sport. However, lots of athleticism and training go into those matches, if only so the wrestlers can execute the moves correctly. Continue reading

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