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Got myself a new hoodie

Hey guys~

A friend of mine by the name of Houndsytooth (who can be found here on Twitter) had this hoodie on at the Madison furry bowling meet last night. When I saw it, my first thought was, “I need this; why do I not have this yet?”

You can probably guess why 😛

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve used my digital camera to take photos like this. It was also hard for me to find a good spot in my apartment to take them, so bare with me here.

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Ornithology class outing to Potosi Point

On occasion, I have the opportunity to go on bird outings with my Ornithology class. We are required to write and submit three field journal entries as part of the course, whether it be from our own observations or during a class outing. Since this would typically be something I’d post on this blog, I figured I’d share this with you guys verbatim. There were some requirements to the assignment, one of them being to give the proper common and scientific names of any birds we mention. Other than that, this is a nice and causal assignment that I thoroughly enjoyed writing.

Hope you all enjoy and possibly learn a little something while reading this! Continue reading

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March 17, 2017 (RANT)

This week…this week has been a mess and I’m glad it’s done and over with now. It goes without saying I never had much of a chance to really enjoy my Spring Break to relax and catch up on schoolwork. I did hang out with…one of my friends for not even a full day, and that’s about all the fun I had this week.

Why? Because I had to help my mom move all her shit from her apartment into a storage locker or my grandma’s trailer. A lot of this stuff she’s never sorted through at all or barely, and so much of my family has told her to go through it. We’ve also moved several times in the past, so it’s not like she didn’t have an opportunity to really get rid of shit she doesn’t need. Sometimes, I fear she’s a bit of a hoarder and is afraid to let things go. It’s sad and it sucks, but stuff piles up fast and it gets to point where you need to go through it before it gets worse and not add to the pile. It’s not bad right now, but it could be worse…a lot worse.

Continue reading

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A Most Wonderful Date

Me and my boyfriend, Wolfletech, went on our second date yesterday; you could consider this our “one-week anniversary” date. We decided on spending the day in Madison before going to the Madison Furry Bowling Meetup that occurs every third Saturday of the month. This was our original plan, but we figured we’d might as well make a day of it (plus this is the only day our Spring Break’s overlapped). Even though it was fairly cold out most of the day. Continue reading

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A New Chapter in my Life


So…as of that date on the top, I now have a boyfriend. Yes, this is true; this isn’t me trying to make my negativity humorous again; it’s real this time. There’s so much happiness inside me right now that I’ve teared up a few times over the course of last night and this morning as I write this. Yet, I’m still trying to process this new chapter in my life. The hardest part for me is trying not to worry a lot about what will happen in the future, and I can think of a few worries already.

I won’t be showing his name just yet, but at the very least I’ll share that I have a boyfriend. The exceptions are Facebook and Real Life. With this being a same-sex relationship and the fact my family’s pretty conservative, I don’t think I’m ready to come out to them right now. Things are also a bit complicated on his end regarding this as well; but I know we’ll get through this, because I’m a tiger and he’s a wolf! (He’s also super cute and dorky and I love him!)

I’m honestly surprised I’m not gushing about this as much as I thought I would. Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to be happy single and not allow these kinds of feelings to consume me; now I’m ever so slowly letting these emotions out, just because I’m so happy right now. God I hope I don’t end up crying or something during class.

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Fur^2 2016 Haul Post

Even though I may or may not have mentioned the few things I got at Fur Squared in my last post, I completely forgot to post pictures of them. I didn’t get a whole lot: a couple badges done by two friends of mine, a beautiful deer print, and the first volume of a furry comic called Starfire Agency, created and published by Ringtail Cafe. I also mentioned in my last post that I got this collectible card game (CCG) called Furoticon; I won’t be posting any pictures of the cards, and I have my reasons. Anyway, below is a gallery of the few things I got: Continue reading

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March 23, 2015 (Spring Break Recap)

I didn’t really do a whole lot over break, but I guess that’s not always a bad thing, right? I tried to be as productive as possible with both college-related stuff and personal things; I managed to accomplish some of this. Anyway, here’s roughly what I did over break, and non of it involved going to some beach down South and partying all week. Continue reading

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March 14, 2015

With it being the week before Spring break, I was really itching to get home and away from college for a while; needless to say, I got a bit crazy as the week went on. But when I got home though, I gained back my sanity. More details on pre-Spring break week

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Fur Squared 2015! (a.k.a. Kale Con)

Sorry that I’m late with this; there was just a lot I was trying to sort out this past weekend, and I think I’ll make this the post for the week. It’s going to be a while ’til I get back into the swing of things that is school after this past weekend.

I’ve said before that this was my first furry convention; there was a lot to take in and a lot of new experiences for me, but I had a blast regardless! To Fur Squared!

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