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More than a passing grade

Well, finished up yet another semester at Platteville, but still not a graduate quite yet; only a couple more classes to go before that can be a reality. This past semester was another rough one though, for a few reasons:

  • I missed out on the Fall semester prior, so it took me some time to get back into the school mindset again.
  • I ended up switching out one class with one called “Personalized Learning Experience,” which I’ll go more into detail later.
  • Between this new course and my other courses, I ended up getting piled on with projects, along with preparing for any exams or quizzes.
  • There were also some life issues that occurred throughout the semester; so those didn’t help any.

However, I am glad that I did pass most of my classes and my GPA hardly changed. I am also happy at the response I got from my advisor about the paper I wrote for my Personalized Learning Experience (PLE) course. All I did for this course was picked a topic, researched it, and wrote a paper on it. If I did it and did it well, I passed; if I didn’t do it well, or not at all, I failed. What I ended up getting was more than a passing grade; I got an opportunity. Continue reading

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A Prized Possession

Post for The Daily Post’s prompt for today because I wanted to write something a little different for this blog. And so, here’s a little story about something I hold deer.
Continue reading

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Some Nature Photos

It’s been so nice out this weekend, and I wanted to get outside for a bit when I had the chance since I didn’t have to work this weekend (except tonight). I also wanted to grab that deer skull I found months ago; I figured by now it’d be nice an clean, for the most part. It’s now sitting on my desk in my dorm room. Continue reading

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Sept. 20, 2015

2629dbc3-6b68-4675-9e5c-95bb08b002c9_dLast night I went to an Intervarsity event called “Worship at the M” where we…well, worship God at the M. If you don’t know what the M is, it’s basically a large hill in Platteville that has a large, white ‘M’ on it’s side made out of large, painted rocks. And yes, this is at attraction for outsiders visiting the Midwest, because there are a lot of unnecessarily large things in the Midwest. Continue reading

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Sept. 3, 2015


I’m back at college now; already a few interesting things have happened, and generally, things have been quite eventful too. Obviously move-in day for me was quite a day on Sunday, and as per Platteville tradition, it has to be very hot and very humid that weekend. My friend/new roommate, Ben, already moved in a few days prior, because he had to do some training for Dining Services that was an all-day thing; so luckily, he was around to help get my stuff in while I took care of any necessary paperwork before checking in. Of course, me, my mom, and Ben all went out to lunch afterwards because, let’s face it, moving in is a lot of work, especially in the heat. Continue reading

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May 26, 2015

Surprisingly, my interview this morning went quite short; the hiring manager barely asked me questions I would normally hear at an interview. However, he did seem to be willing to give me a chance, that is if he’ll have to let go someone else first. Also, the location where I will be working at, should I get the job, is not in town; it’s actually in another town next to where I live, though still fairly close (not enough for bike-riding distance though). So, I guess I’ll have to see what I can work out with my grandma to take me there.

Since a lot probably won’t happen this summer, I’m thinking of doing some sort of 30-day challenge, specifically journal-related. I did one similar before, when I first started on WordPress and didn’t exactly know what I was doing, so I’ll have to dig that list up again and see if my views have changed or not. I think it’d be pretty interesting and would give me something to think about, other than current anxieties and whatnot.

EDIT: I have decided to not do a 30 day challenge. Lately…I haven’t been feeling the greatest, and there’s a lot of things on my mind right now.

Oh and here are some pics I took on my walk this afternoon:

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May 24, 2015

Not much has happened lately, aside from a few things. In general, I have no idea what’s going to happen this summer, but I’m sure there will be a lot of change, though I don’t know where or how it’ll happen. Continue reading

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April 25, 2015

Not much has really happened this week, plus I’ve been feeling very anxious and depressed about my insecurities all week. I do plan on seeing a councilor about this and my orientation; I wouldn’t be surprised if they were connected somehow. Continue reading

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Mines of Spain

Here are the pictures I took from my Mines of Spain trip last Saturday! I didn’t get to this sooner because…I kept forgetting to transfer the pictures over to my work laptop to upload on WordPress. Continue reading

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March 14, 2015

With it being the week before Spring break, I was really itching to get home and away from college for a while; needless to say, I got a bit crazy as the week went on. But when I got home though, I gained back my sanity. More details on pre-Spring break week

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